Fire Everyone

It’s no secret, the Chicago Bulls are a disaster. The front office has no plan, ownership doesn’t want to fully rebuild and thinks the “direction” they are going in is good, they are making plenty of money and their loyalty continues to hurt the franchise.

The Bulls took another embarrassing defeat to the hands of the Boston Celtics (right after losing at home to the 24-43 Orlando Magic) on Sunday, as their record fell to 31-35 and sitting in the ten seed in the East. Let it also be known that the Bulls scored nine points TOTAL in the first quarter…nine. The Blackhawks scored two goals against the western conference leading Minnesota Wild earlier that day quicker than the Bulls scored two points.

This old and inconsistent Bulls team under Fred Hoiberg has done nothing but frustrate fans. What’s wrong with them? Well I pointed out the first two problems, but they also can’t shoot and are nowhere near athletic enough.

“We want to get younger and more athletic” -Bulls GM Gar Forman before he signs two old/past their prime players in Wade and Rondo

Wade and Rondo don’t even play every night and players like Paul Zipser have to be relied on. Not to mention the complete bust that is Niko Mirotic who no longer plays at all. Putting the team on his back often is Jimmy Butler, who is one of NBA’s star players. No he is not LeBron or Durant or Curry but still a top-level player. Sadly while it seems his talent is good, his leadership skills lack. There have been numerous reports of tension in the locker room, but that falls on a number of people and not just Butler.

Fred Hoiberg was a very successful college coach and plays a system that is shoot first and very offensive minded. Well, the Bulls are second WORST at FG% in the entire league, dead last in three-pointers and are 26th in points per-game. Hoiberg seems to have zero control over the team who have had moments with the media and social media as he stands there like a brick. Again, college was good for him to help mold young kids and play to his system but he is way over his head trying to manage the egos of NBA players. Illinois is looking for a new men’s basketball coach and in all honesty, Hoiberg would be a great fit there.

It’s very possible this team that was “built to make the playoffs” wont even do that…and you know what, that’s okay. Why do we want this Bulls team to make the 8th seed and be one and done with a mediocre draft-pick for a mediocre team with no direction? Ownership will just get what it wants, some extra playoff revenue from all the revenue they got this season and things won’t change. While this fiasco is going on it seems apparent and almost guaranteed that GarPax’s jobs will be safe for next year. After years of failure (one eastern conference final appearance in 2011, that’s it) the fact that they still have jobs is a joke. Most teams fire them years ago and Hoiberg would probably be fired earlier this year as well.

Bulls won’t be legitimately dreaming of a championship anytime soon.

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