Dancing With A Champ

David Ross will be the first one to tell you that he did not see himself becoming a celebrity after his final year in the majors. After officially retiring from baseball at the conclusion of the 2016 World Series, Ross has spent a great deal of time in the public spotlight. From SNL cameos to cereal commercials to sports magazine covers. Next up on his retirement adventure, the 39-year old former MLB catcher will be showing the world his best dance moves on TV.
That’s right, David Ross will join ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” in their 24th season. He will be the first MLB player to be part of the show and will be paired with Lindsay Arnold. Ross does not consider himself a professional dancer, but he is ready to learn and have fun.

“The thing I got going for me is I know what hard work looks like, so I’m going to work really hard and do the best I can…Other than that, I got nothing going for me other than I got a great coach. I’m going to work hard and have fun — that’s my goal.” -David Ross talking to Chicago Tribune’s Phil Thompson

As usual, he has all the support in the world from his now former teammates such as Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant (who likes his chances) and others. Ross will also balance his dancing gig with his new Cubs front office roll and ESPN baseball analyst roll he took up the past few months.

The biggest thing Ross will try to do during his time on “Dancing with the Stars”, will be not sucking! Rizzo even made sure to tell him than in his support video he made for him. His journey as a dancer on TV begins on March 20th at 7 PM CT.

Ross played 15 years in MLB, won two rings with the Red Sox (2013) and Cubs (2016). He posted a .229/.338/.784 slash with 10 home runs and also saved 8 defensive runs behind the plate with 18 runners gunned down trying to steal in 67 regular season games in 2016.

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